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New update, smart notifications
Is there a way to get "do not disturbe"-perioid automatic for the smart notifications? Itīs cool that also in this A300 the smart notifications are available but it feels weird that iīll have to setup the do not disturb on every time i want to have it on. Is there a way that it would go on automatically every day at certain time?
And is there a way to choose what kind of notifications i can get to my watch, now my watch tells every single thing that is happening on my phone and itīs kind of annoying.
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I have it set up everyday from 22:00 until 6:00 in the morning. If you use the "Polar Flow" app:
- go to where you can select "Devices"
- turn on "do not disturb" and select the times you want it to be active.
- sync the watch and the app
- done
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