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Tacx Neo and Zwift integration
I use Tacx Neo Smart cycling home trainier and the Zwift app with my Polar H7 HR Sensor

I connect via bluettoth to my PC via the Zwift companion app on my Iphone.

When the H7 and the Neo are connected in Zwift, my Polar V800 can no longer pair with them. Vice versa, if I connect them to the V800, Zwift cannot see them anymore.

Is there any way to make the bluetooth devices (the H7 and the Neo) visible by both the V800 and Zwift at the same time?

To have all my trainings in one place and have a more complete view on my training load, I would like to be able to either
- Import my Zwift/Tacx workouts to Polar Flow
- Connect my H7 and Neo with Zwift and the V800 at the same time.

Any ideas, solutions?

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