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From my experience with the program, it is working and takes to calories intake into account (indirectly via your weight). Basically it has three variables, your burnt calories (calculate from your activity and training), your weight (and your changes in weight) and calculated from that your calories intake. Basically if the system thinks you are burning 3000kcals and if you are gaining weight then you must be eating more than 3000kcals.

Since loosing weight means eating less calories than burning, the program calculates from your weight goal and your other parameters the energy deficit you need to achieve your goal in the time. This deficit is then divided into 40% percent more activity and 60% less eating.

And this is the point where it gets nasty when you start first with the balance scale. Normally when you get the scale and start with the program, the program does not know anything about your weight development history and I think therefore it assumes that your current activity level is just sufficient enough to hold your weight. This means that 40% of the energy deficit are added to your current activity level and this can be a lot if you are already very active and if you remember that 1 hour of running are just about 600kcals or so...

But that is only the starting point. While you are using the program it is calibrating itself (therefore it is recommend to take your weight on a daily basis). It compares your activity and your weight progress and adapts the goals. So if you consequently only achieve 40% of the activity goal, while still loosing weight it will reduce the activity goal step by step.

This was the situation for me. When I got my balance scale I've been already in a process of loosing weight (from 92 down to 82kg in a year, while running 3-5 times a week for at least 45 minutes each). When I got the scale and set a goal of 75, it suggested my a ridicules high activity level (I think it was 1 additional hour running a day), but it adapted quite quickly to reasonable values (I think two weeks or so).

But in the end for loosing weight it is crucial not just to increase activity but also to control and reduce your calories intake (you can easily eat much more than you can burn by activity 1 bar of chocolate = 1 hour running).

Completely agree with your assessment, this is why I'm going to continue to try to work with it for another month or so.

Actually a very good description of how the system works, I wish Polar had done such a good job helping people understand.

It's an odd feeling weighing yourself daily, past advice has always been once a week.

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