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Originally Posted by Freekick123 View Post
The problem I had was the Balance doesn't take into account calories in. So if my body requires 200 less calories a day to lose weight and I eat 200 calories less, balance doesn't know that and still wants you to burn more and makes an impossible to reach goal. It only goes by your weight, so again if you burn enough to reach 100% and your weight goes up, it just tells you it just tells you to burn more by increasing your daily goal. I've been using MyFitness Pal and only using the scale to track my weight with a link to MFP. Then I let MFP do the math for calories in/out. When I first got my Balance I pretty much ignored the Polar Daily Goal. Consequently, a good day was only 40%, but I was slowly losing weight and getting fitter.
Kind off defeats the purpose of the Balance if we have to do this.

One of the main reasons I bought it was for the online Weight program. It really needs to be updated.

The manual says you can adjust your weight goal but not true, you have to cancel the current program and start a new one.

And of course yesterday I went to sync with my watch. Nope, had to reset the scale. This morning went to sync with my watch and of course my watch went looking for Flowsync on my phone.

Bluetooth is a bad idea!
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