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Is there any hope of an firmware update?
I just thought about how big the chance is , that the firmware of the RCX3 is beiing updated ?

Is this even possible ?
And what's the practice at Polar doing such updates?

My most wanted feature for this firmware update is an adjustable time-setting between recording of gps-trackpoints.

Unfortunately this is fixed to 5 sec. in this firmware.

I would really appreciate when it is possible to set this maybe in User-Settings section of the clock.

Is it correct that the RCX5 allows this settings ?

And what about the RC3 GPS ?

Thanx in advance
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If you are referring to the Recording Rate, the RCX3 has a fixed Recording Rate of 5 Seconds. It is not likely this will be changed via a firmware update.

The RC3 GPS has a 1 second Recording Rate.

The RS800CX and RCX5 offer a selectable Recording Rate from 1, 2, 5, 15, or 60 seconds. Their default setting is 5 seconds.

The RS800CX also offers R-R Data Recording for recording Heart Rate Variability at a resolution of one millisecond!
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