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FT60 + swimming
Hi Folks,

I just need some confirmation that the FT60, in particular the heart rate strap, is ok to swim with.

I have read the forums, and it would seem that is fine to do so, except one may loose connectivity between watch and heart rate strap.

I already swim with the watch, so I know that is fine, but I dont want to run the risk of swimming with the heart rate strap and then breaks.

I would appareciate any feedback or guidence you have.

Cheers, Tammy
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I swim with mine and have never had a problem. The key is to make sure it is on tight enough.
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21-09-2012, 02:22   #3
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Worked perfectly!
I used mine in the pool for the first time this morning and it worked perfectly!

I'm very pleased as I was expecting to have to buy the T31 transmitter.

Our pool does have very little chlorine in, but I'd advise all FT60 owners to try it in the water with the normal Wearlink Transmitter first before you dash out to buy the T31.
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01-10-2012, 13:59   #4
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@bombecka19 and @hutto1

Thanks for coming back to me.

I didnt realise that you had already (I was expecting to be notified), so apologies for the delay.

I did in the mean time call the Polar support centre here in South Africa.
The guy on the other end was most helpful.
He said the following:
- the should strap should be on "uncomfortably tightly"
- make sure that the watch and monitor link before getting in the water
- only once you are in the water should you press the start button for your training session. There may perhaps be a 20 second delay when you get in the water, as your watch and monitor find one another again, but otherwise you should be ok.
- if you find that you keep dropping signal, he advised to buy the "soft strap", rather than using the "electrodes strap" as this is the new technology.
I only have the "electrodes strap", so I will try this first before investing in the "soft strap"

Do you both agree with the above?

@bombecka19, what is the T31? The soft strap?

Cheers, Tammy
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The Soft Strap has a thin strip of black rubbery material which it uses for the senors. It accepts the same dual snap transmitter module. The Soft Strap is otherwise elastic textile material except for the hook and loop where it closes around your chest. It is hand (or in the shower) washable then hang dry. Do not machine wash nor machine dry nor dry clean!

The WearLink Strap has a pair of gray meshy fabric sensor strips. It requires machine washing every 5th use to keep the sensor strips clean.

The T31 and T31c (coded) are plastic semi rigid designs with pairs of two metallic sensor strips. The batteries are built in and they are not designed to be user replaceable. Due to the more rigid front portion, some use this for swimming.

If you wear a wet suit or triathlon top, the WearLink or Soft Strap designs will stay securely in place.
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