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31-10-2011, 16:11   #1
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Can someone recommend a HRM for swimming?
That's about it. I also cycle when my feet and knees cooperate but mainly I want a monitor for swimming.

Main concern is accuracy and a continuous readout.

Advice appreciated!
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19-03-2012, 08:50   #2
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HRM for swimming
What I have heard is that Polar is closest to get it working. BUT I haven't heard of any watches that manage to transfer HR under water. So what you should look for is a HRM-system where the chestbelt can store hr for later transfer when the watch is within range. Polars chestbelts can messure underwater but I don't know if they have a belt that store the values for later transfer.
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Hi spoilsport,

most of our training computers use 5 kHz transmission frequency (excl. RS800, RS800CX, CS500, CS600 and CS600X) which works in water. Water is, however, a challenging environment for heart rate measurement. You might want to check this link for further information.
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Originally Posted by spoilsport View Post
That's about it. I also cycle when my feet and knees cooperate but mainly I want a monitor for swimming.

Main concern is accuracy and a continuous readout.

Advice appreciated!
I have swam for years with the S720 then S625X with great success. both during the swim and for analysis after the swim. The key to accuracy is to use their older rubber belts rather than the wearlink ones. The wearlinks if under a wesuit work well but the rubber T31/T36 works great in every body of water. The only downside of the belt is that when pushing of the wall hard they might slip if not very tight.
Happy swimming!
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20-04-2012, 06:02   #5
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FT80 with T31 Coded
Just to second NicoRondet on the chest strap being key, I use a FT80 with the T31 coded chest strap and not the wearlink when in the water. So long as it is nice a tight it works well. I have very few issues with that setup in both pool and open water swimming. Wearlink did not matter how tight or even if under a suit for me, it was constantly dropping signal.
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20-04-2012, 16:19   #6
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Just to Jump In (Pun intended) with a comment here, although I don't use my Polar gear for swimming, I have worn it in the Pool, in the Jacuzzi, in the Sauna, Showered with it on, and while getting drenched River Rafting.

The ordinary WearLink Transmitter module (5KHz) for the FT60, FT80 and other Polar HRMs worked fine in all the above situations, regardless if I was wearing a tshirt, flotation vest, or bare chested and even when drenched and submerged. I always wear the chest strap tightly snugged. However, as not doing kick turns I haven't had the slipping problem others have depicted. And, the prevailing understanding is that the T31 semi rigid plastic straps are superior for swimming.

The 2.4GHz WIND WearLink Transmitter (which affixes to the identical textile WearLink Chest Strap also worked, so long as chest immersion into the water was not sustained for more than a few moments nor too deep. I did not find that my RS800CX dropped out when I jumped into the pool, or river, nor sitting in the Jacuzzi with the Transmitter just at water level. When my chest was submerged for more than just a few moments the 2.4GHZ WIND signal won't transmit through continuous water. However, a saturated flotation vest, or saturated tshirt, etc. did not prevent the WIND signal from working properly.
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