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13-05-2011, 06:29   #1
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Polar WearLink + Bluetooth and current heartrate
I am using Polar WearLink + Bluetooth with endomondo. Everything works just fine, but I would like to see my current heart rate that is now shown on enomondo.

Do you know is there any software available that will show current heart rate? That would really help to adjust running speed.
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13-05-2011, 07:38   #2
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In EndoMondo software on your smartphone you can easily change the display screen segments that you wish diplayed. I think they call it their console or dash board items.
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Thank you! Silly me that i did not find this. Now I edited screen and inserted current heart rate instead of calories.
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25-07-2011, 14:39   #4
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I would like to use Endomondo too, but would prefer if the Bluetooth Wearlink transmitter simultaneously sends the signals to the RS800CX, so that I can still use the watch to easily see my heartrate. Does it send both the bluetooth signals and the normal Polar to enable pairing with my RS800CX?

Furthermore, I assume/hope it can be clipped on a devise from the old system. I'm using the Adidas/Polar Fusion running singlets, and do not want to use the separate belt.
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25-07-2011, 23:11   #5
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Bluetooth Wearlink AFAIK can not connect to watch units, only bluetooth apparail
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